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gyrax_ebmx_155_fsmod 0

FS15 – Gyrax EBMX 155 V1.1

Features: Price: € 29,000 Maintenance: 25 € Capacity: 15,000 kg. Working Width: 8 meter. 110 HP. Version 1.1: Wheel Shader added.

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Mostly Played Funny Games in the History

The fast development of technology affects the game world, too doubtlessly. Maybe 15 or 20 year ago we were playing 16 bit funny games with great admiration but today we don’t like even 720p...

przemkowice_map_fsmod 0

FS15 – Przemkowice Map V2

Features: 2 Farm. Climate Poland. Biogas Plant. Purchase Point. Store. Purchase wool and pallets. Forestry and timber. Animals(sheep, cow, chicken).

midtown_usa_map_fsmod 0

FS15 – Midtown USA Map V1

Features: Flour mill – wheat / rye / sunflower. Train Station – barley / oat / rye // sugarBeet. Biomass Plant – woodchips. Warehouse – barley / canola / corn / soybean. Restaurant –...

sudthuringen-map-fsmod 0

FS15 – Sudthuringen Map V1.5

Features: Gas Station. Village. Cattle Fattening. Deuk the Point of Sale. Central Storage. Place 2 pieces of Silo. Edeka eggs to Tesla.

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Fireboy And Watergirl

Video games are part of our life since 1970’s. From that time until now both the quality and the quantity of video games increased wildly. In today’s world we can reach video games in...