FS19 – Zugschranke Felsbrunn Sp V1

as DL the zip, with the working three files.
just replace the three files (trainSystem i3d, trainSystem i3d shapes and trainSystem xml) with those from the zip (ENTPACKEN in train zip)
with me z.b. there: D: \\ games \\ Farming Simulator 2019 \\ data \\ placeables \\ mapDE \\ trainSystem \\
but make you a backup of the original files.
I have changed the time from closing the barrier (all three, including the two already existing),
The barrier closes about 15 seconds before the train comes, and opens again about 5 seconds after the train is through
If the barrier drops too early and you do not want to wait that long, then the three entries can be found in the xml

start distance = \”375\”
yes override again with any value. original was 125


Credits:anthu / Giants

FS19 – Zugschranke Felsbrunn Sp V1 Download
FS19 – Zugschranke Felsbrunn Sp V1 Download #2

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