FS19 – Steyr Profi Cvt V1.4

This is the SteyrProfiCVT of Giants but slightly changed.

Hauer console added
Front loader protection added
Colour choice added
Starfire3000 added
CVT decal added

What has been done:
Aloe front loader console added
9 Trelleborg configuration added
1 Communal configuration added
9 Michelin configuration added
5 Mitas configuration added
Engine configuration with 162PS.187hp added

4115 CVT with 145 + 149 hp engine configurations added
4125 CVT with 155 + 162 hp engine configurations added
4135 CVT with 169 + 173 hp engine configurations added
4145 CVT with 175 + 179 hp engine configurations added
6145 with 175 + 190 hp engine configurations added

Engine power ingame adjusted
Bowe widening attached at the back

LOG is error free

Credits:Modell: Giants
Texturen: Giants
function: Giants

FS19 – Steyr Profi Cvt V1.4 Download
FS19 – Steyr Profi Cvt V1.4 Download #2

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