FS19 – Placeable Pastwisko Dla Krow V1

Yo! I present to you my pasture for cows! This is the first building for animals that I made as a placeable to LS 19. If something is wrong or there are any errors, then go ahead and write to me about it. Only one strange thing is. Well, normally, the building can be rotated 360 degrees and these pastures can only be in 4 directions.
If there is anyone who knows how to fix it, please write to me in the commentary.
The pasture has been tested and is 100% functional.
I recommend people who have problems with putting objects on different mod maps:
Place Anywhere or something like this.

Pasture capacity: 35 cows
Price: $ 60,000
The building contains open gates.
It was tested on patch and I do not know if it works on patch 1.1.x
I wish you a pleasant game and best regards!


FS19 – Placeable Pastwisko Dla Krow V1 Download
FS19 – Placeable Pastwisko Dla Krow V1 Download #2

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