FS19 – Petite Vallee Map V1.0

Hello everyone
Here is my little valley, all new multi fruit maps
You will find 23 fields, 4 forests,
You can manufacture your compost, fertilizer, diesel
seeds, pigfood, liquid fertilizer etc … ..be for your exploitation or sale ….
As well as 2 places for greenhouses ….
Playable solo or multi
A mining operation installed but not yet functional for now !!!!
and 2 large land that you can buy either for new farm or something else ….
Many points of sale for the competition …
After several tests The maps have no bugs and quite functional …
I tell you no more …. I let you discover it !!!!
If you find some small anomalies leave a comment (respectful sherb) and I would do an update but everything works normally …
Good game to all of you!


FS19 – Petite Vallee Map V1.0 Download

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