FS19 – Ideal Extension V1.4

Since I like to use the ideal as a thresher, but he is not suitable for small maps with his 12 meter cutting unit, I have created this extension.

Included in the pack is:
– The ideal 7t
– 7.7 meter cutting unit of dynaFlex and powerFlow
– 9 meter cutting unit from dynaFlex and PowerFlow
– 10.7 meter cutting unit

Changes up to 1.4.0:
– choice of upholstery (fabric or leather)
– Chrome wheels buyable
– Tablet largely animated
– Speed increased at 7 and 9 meters cutting units (15 km / H)
– Warning lights for working light front / rear and beacon inserted
– 10.7 meter cutting unit inserted
– Fixed crop animation
– Added two grain tank variants

Credits:Marcus R.

FS19 – Ideal Extension V1.4 Download
FS19 – Ideal Extension V1.4 Download #2

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