FS19 – Guide and Tips

1# Deteriorated vehicles  Clear in Maps

The dynamic traffic sucks in the official map. The cars break down and stop on the road. It consists of a long vehicle tail. to solve the problem ESC Menu > Game Options > Traffic > Close after Open.

2# Crop Destruction Prevention

The cultivated fields are crushed by the tractor. There are 2 options to avoid this situation. First choice ESC Menu > Game Options > Crop Destruction > Close. Second; Open store(P) > Select Tractors/Machines> Customize > Wheel Setup > Narrow Tires

3# Field Liming

Field harvest 3 times after the lime must not decrease in yield. If not done liming process, falls -15% field efficiency. How To Liming ?

Store > Tools> Fertilizer Technology > K105 or K165 and Store > Object>Bigbags > LimeBigbag

4# 2 Times Fertilizing.

Fertilize 2 times to get maximum yield your field . Fertilized 100%. Fertilizing is not useful for a field that is ready to be harvested.

5# Getting the Best Efficiency from Workers

Take two jobs at the same time to get the Best Efficiency from the Workers. You can make the Weeder and fertilizer jobs at the same time. Pay the worker fee once, do two jobs at the same time. So you can save time and expense.

6# If You don’t have money to buy, lease.

Equipment and machines are expensive. You can lease instead of buying.

7# Accelerate GameTimes.

Check the time of the game KEY 8 and KEY 7. KEY 8 to speed up, KEY 7 to slow down. It can speed up to 120 times maximum.

8# If you don’t have the money, you have the Loan.

You can use maximum 500K loan. ESC Menu > Finances > Barrow 5,000€

9# I need emergency Money

Your loan has full, you need money. No problem, Be ready to work. ESC Menu > Contracts Lease Items and Apcent Contract. Finish the job, take your money.

10# Speed Up Plant Growth

Grows crops as soon as possible. ESC Menu > Game Options > Plant Growth > Fast

11# Use equipment instead of Spraying.

Spraying creates additional costs. Use the equipment to clean the weeds. Do not use artificial fertilizer. Use it manure.

12# Tractor and Equipment Recovery

Reset your corrupted vehicles. ESC Menu > World Map > Click Vehicles > Reset(Space). Vehicle or Equipment goes to Store park.

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    I am playing and it is stuck on 99 percent done for a contract plz help


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