FS19 – Goldcrest Valley Map V1.2

Version 1.2:
– Removed the grass from the road
– Added the second train (now there are two)
– Aircraft down
– Other minor changes


My envelope card from farming simulator 2017, the card had to be made almost from scratch, on the map 31 field, the whole map is broken into pieces for their purchase in the game . On the map there is traffic and pedestrians, 1 train ( with the second has not yet decided how to add it as the script supports only one train), when you select the \”New farmer\” is given equipment and some buildings to start a career, as well as 3 fields. The map will be updated and improved in the future!


FS19 – Goldcrest Valley Map V1.2 Download

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1 Response

  1. Stu says:

    Very buggy, Can not use pressure washeror hotbox washer . when placed they lock game up. No egg selling point at house by field 3 and 4, placeables can only be done one at a time then need to reboot game such as wind turbine or solar panels ect.

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