FS15 – Lowa Farms And Forestry Map V2.1

I know the last version I put final, Should not have said that because I have been playing the map myself and dicided to make a few more changes to the map.
In this version you have the BeetMaster and a woodchipper to keep going. You dump the beet pulp in the compost machine. The feed mill now puts out 150000 of mixed feed.
There is now a place for a placeable sawmill by Stinky’s Place. The SaleBarn has been re-done with the chicken zone moved there and a timed gate for selling of chicken 2.
Other then that I moved a few things and added a new shed or two… You need to find and download the compostmaster mod pack. Have Fun and thanks for playing the map.

Credits:Farmboy002 For the layout of the map.
Giants, And all the folks for the mods I used in this map.

FS15 – Lowa Farms And Forestry Map V2.1 Download

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