FS17 – Tyrolean High Mountains Map V2

Version 2.0
– new textures
– Grass problem solved
– new trees
– train removed
– various objects adapted
– Grass and heulager installed on the farm
– Forest has been expanded

The map is based on the landscape of Tyrol and was built as close to nature as possible. I hope you feel comfortable on the map. The map is more suitable for small farmers who want to run cattle and do some farming. But also for forestry the map is something. There is very much forest that can be cleared.

General information:
Location: Tyrol / South Tyrol
Fruits: Standard fruits of the LS17
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
Fields: 7 fields from 0.80 ha to 4.0 ha
Meadows: any number of meadows of varying size and inclination
Forests: a few hectares with thousands of trees

… It is a natural area with two villages (Sankt Martin Sankt Leonhard), a realistic nature, a lot of beautifully designed and detailed mountain farms, a small biogas plant in Sankt Leonhard and much more …

Special features of the card:
O Realistic landscape
O Very much forest
O Mist sale at the biogas plant St. Leonhard

Special Info:
O You can find the grain store at the biogas plant in Sankt Leonhard
O Which court you have as the main house is left to you, almost all the mountain yards have an access road.
O Sheep, cows, pigs and chickens are located on a different farm on the map
O For the forestry a separate station was built in Sankt Leonhard. There you can park your forestry machines so that you do not have all machines on the farm.
O The map will load about 2 to a maximum of 5 minutes
O When playing the game, it may take some time for the map to close
O The map needs a very strong computer, so it runs smoothly. (If your computer is unable to open the card, try to reduce the display quality and the profile)


FS17 – Tyrolean High Mountains Map V2 Download

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