FS17 – The Moris Country Finale Map V 2.6

Version 2.6
It is now also possible to plant trees, small production adjustments

The Morisland (pre-release version)

My version of a map or something like this
It gives you a lot of fun
4fold Map
Vegetables, milk, baker, mill, refinery, sugar, Erasco and and

My thanks gild for the indirect contributing scripts, 3D models have made available

The testers of the HoG
I wish you much fun with my map
People the moths, do not invite nix say, mop does not need a human!

Hints !!
Pigs and sheep no longer need to be
There are 2 “flying” eggs in the stallion
The Kotte-pack is required to operate the map.


FS17 – The Moris Country Finale Map V 2.6 Download

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