FS17 – The Buffalo Quarry Map V1.1 Beta

Lossberg is a map for forestry agriculture,
recovery for the TP.

Work at the quarry, transportation and construction sites, that’s what awaits you.

Extraction: Stone (Stone) limestone (Limestone) Coal (Coal) and Earth (Soil) …

Production: Sand Sand Gravel (Gravel) Cement Tillings (cement)
Concrete Asphalt Concrete (Asphalt), Water (Water) Fuel (Fuel)
of the Tar, Palette de Bois …

Sale: Sable (Sand) Gravel (Gravel) Cement Tailings (cement)
Asphalt (Asphalt) of the All-Rounder, Wood Chips …

Construction site: earthworks, construction, transport, manufacturing …

Required Mod – Universal Processkit

Required Mod – Tatra Phoenix Pack

Required Mod – Kotte Universal Pack


FS17 – The Buffalo Quarry Map V1.1 Beta Download

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