FS17 – TFSG LTM 11200 Mammoet Final Version

The LTM11200 MAMMOET FINAL VERSION is a mobile crane from manufacturer Liebherr, produced in Ehingen (Donau). It is the highest mobile telescopic boom crane in the manufacturer’s range and one of the three most powerful on the market.

It was presented for the first time at Bauma in 2007. It is the first telescopic crane to lift 1,200 tons. The first model was delivered to Mammoet in 2008. It can be used to erect a wind turbine.

We TFSGROUP offer today our flocked version in the colors of MAMMOET.

Credits:Converted to FS17 By winston9587 Testing by carolinaboy SKIN TFSGROUP

FS17 – TFSG LTM 11200 Mammoet Final Version Download

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