FS17 – Repented Farm Map V1.1

New to Reute 1.1
-Gold nuggets.
-Collision in the case of the BGA Silos
Trees of LS17 installed
-Streets with a new Texture
-Cowshed of the Scattered 2.2 from LS15 installed
many thanks to all the modders who made this map is only by their great work possible

This Map is a recreation of our town and its surroundings. It is designed for small and medium-sized device.

Standard Fruits: Wheat, Barley, Canola, Soybeans, Potatoes, Sugar Beet, Fodder Radish
Additional crops: hops (to harvest with the combine with cereal cutting unit)

Barley, hops, water, and pallets to deliver, then the beer is produced.

Flour, pallets and water to deliver, then bread is produced.

Potatoes, wheat, barley, pallets, and water to deliver, liquor will be produced.

Wolf talmühle:
Soy beans, wheat and pallets to deliver, then flour is produced for the bakery.

Rape and sun flowers delivered, then the fuel is produced.

Sand pit:
Fuel delivery, then Sand will be produced.

Dimensions manufacture:
Fuel delivery, vehicles can be refuelled.

With the delivery of compost from the own production, and water Apples are produced. Transport / collect the boxes with FS17_flieglRearDeck_UAL (https://www.fsmod.net/farming17/fs17-fliegl-plattform-ual-apple-crates-v1-0-0-1/)

Apples, water, and pallets of Apple juice is produced.

Milk and pallet delivery, then the cheese is produced.

Fertilizer production:
Manure and slurry delivery, is a fertilizer produced. Storage in the Silo on the grounds of the country trade. The standard can be filled-spreading machines.

Seed production:
Fertilizer and grain (wheat, barley, Maize) deliver, then the seed is produced.

Compost master:
Manure or straw, and fuel delivery, then it is the compost produced.

Mixed feed station:
Force feed is a mix of straw, Grass, Silage.

Pig feed station:
Pig feed is produced from Corn, potatoes/sugar beets/carrots, canola/soybean/sunflower and cereals.

It is the Sägerwerk edge for more keys to be made, where boards, as fuel of wood chips or straw.

Range of work:
Where boards of pallets to be manufactured, as fuel of wood chips or straw.

Butcher’s shop:
After the delivery of animals, and pallets of meat and sausage is produced. Meat sale in the Hotel, sausage sale in the club house. For this purpose, you need the vehicles from the ModPack of Kastor Food Inc. Animal processing Pack v2.0.0.0 for LS 17.

The sales of chips.
All the products can be transported with normal standard trailers. JUST to fuel the Schell trailer from the KotteUniversalPack use. The Pack can also be used other tank trailers for water, though the standard trailer is too small.

There is the main silo for wheat, barley, canola, soybean,Corn, sunflower and hop.
A second is located in the appliance hamlet, where everything is out of hops, can be stored.
There is a warehouse for potatoes and sugar beet in the appliance hamlet.
The storage area for compost is located in the machine hall.

Wooden train:
There is the wooden train. If at this point, you can let the train to the loading on the lever exit. It is credited after some time, in addition to the normal income is a Bonus.

Selling points:
The country trade and in appliance to the hamlet.
The Rest as usual.

So you drive your milk yourself, you can ask the StopMilkSale Mod (http://www.modsup.com/3m24z2yz91rd/FS17_StopMilkSale_1_0_Fsmod.zip.html)

Required Mod – Chopped Straw Mod

Log is error free.
In the Pack, a forklift, a narrow pallet fork, and a description.
many thanks to all the modders who made this map is only by their great work possible.


FS17 – Repented Farm Map V1.1 Download

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