FS17 – Ponsse Scorpion KING V 1.0

I hereby would like to introduce you to the Ponsse Scorpion King for farming Simulator 2017. I have invested a lot of time in the Mod and I hope it was not a waste of time. I tried to make the Mod as good as it will allow my skills as a Modder. I hope the Mod I have succeeded.

Important Information
more HP, faster speed
with IC Control (RUL, indoor light)
All-round lights at the rear
maximum trunk length: from 0.3-10m
with many of the Features

Information about the machine:
Power 410HP, price: 187000€, maintenance costs: 1640€
animated pedals
Interactive Control
Animated Display (speedometer, RPM, fuel, diesel fuel consumption, turn signals, and Reverse)
Cultivation and choice of number plate (only Austrian, Irish characters)
attachable chains

I would like to thank all the members of the South Tyrol Modding and all my Fans stand behind me. You guys are the Best. A big thank you also goes to all of you who is always by my side, thank you


FS17 – Ponsse Scorpion KING V 1.0 Download

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