FS17 – Old Lizard Graintrailer V1.0

Extracted from my own convert of Farming Classics add-on.
– price: 2500 [€/$/₤]
– capacity: 4500 [liters]
– fill type categories: bulk (the same supported fill types as base trailers)
– unloading from the right or left side
– configurations: standard/bale trailer
– bending wheels (in my opinion this feature isn’t so noticeable in the game
Do whatever you like with it, but it would be best if you didn’t reupload to other hosting sites. Cheers

Credits:- Model, textures: GIANTS
- FS 17 edit (convert, model edit): agRush2k

FS17 – Old Lizard Graintrailer V1.0 Download

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