FS17 – Norge Crest Valley 17 Map V 2.3

Version 2.3 Seasons & chopped straw & animated animal watering
* NEW: sausage and meat factory, incl. the production of sausage and meat pallet (in box 26).
* NEW: sausage and meat pallets as a new fruit.
* NEW: butcher’s shop as a selling point for the sausage and meat pallet (in box 18).
* RE: cold storage for meats and meat pallet (in box 10).
* NEW: rate of production of grain-mill increase.
* RE: cattle Transporter Micheletto MARCH 19, for the Transport of the animals from the cattle market or the stables for sausage and meat factory.
* RE: cattle Transporter Betimax RDS 7500, for the Transport of the animals from the cattle market or the stables for sausage and meat factory.
* NEW: PDA Map renewed.

Hello dear friends of the LS 17,
here now, from me, a reconstruction of the Goldcrest Valley. Although it is not a Norge Holm, but a beautiful new or modded Map with lots of news.
And here are a few data, what was changed or modified in any way.
Changelog of the Norge crest Valley 17 v1.0 (The Map was tested in the SP and on a Dedi in detail, and the Log is error-free.

* Chopped straw incl. the necessary textures.
* Animated Animal drinking troughs for pigs, sheep and cows, so that is where the animals also drink water.
* The yard has been enlarged a lot and part white rebuilt.
* Cow pasture on the farm moved.
* Sheep grazing on the farm moved.
* Animated gates at the cow and sheep pasture. Thus, there are Grass mowed.
* Washing area including Karcher at the court installed.
* Seed, mineral fertilizer and liquid manure tank in the yard installed.
* A medium sized and a small Lizard of the vehicle hall incl. new MP-enabled Niggels lighting installed in the yard.
* Wolf System biomass and vehicle hall built in the yard.
* Hoftankstelle at the court installed.
* Additional types of fruit at all of the Silos and the Railroad Mill added – see note.
* Both trains are so well designed that you can also load the additional fruit varieties and unloading.
* Additional wood loading crane on the railway line next to box 8 installed.
* Main street provided the court with a street lighting.
* The Hofsilo and the drive-through silo on the farm have also been equipped with a lighting.
* The farm itself was in some Places a couple of lights.
* All the fields are preserved, and have been grazing is not a victim of the linings of Animal.
* At the places where the cow and sheep pasture is now a large grass area. Thus, much additional space set up where your placeable Mods or the meadows just to the grass mowing can use.
* And anything else I forgot to mention.

Explanation of additional types of fruit:
In the case of any of the following – Hofsilo, Central transportation Hub, GoldCrest Pacific Grain and maple field and a Pool of beans to the fruits: wheat, rape, Maize, barley, sunflower, and soy, and now also potato, sugar beet and wood chips are loaded or unloaded.
At the Railroad Mill can be sold beets along with wheat, barley, canola, Corn, sunflower, soybean, potato and sugar, and now also wood chips.

Both trains can load the following fruits and / or unloading:
Wheat, barley, canola, Corn, sunflower, soybean, potato, sugar beet and wood chips.
The following Mods should be in Mods, so that you lack to start on the Norge crest Valley 17 no building:
* The https://www.fsmod.net/farming17/fs17-placeable-multi-storage-shed-v1/ in addition, yet straw, Grass, and pig feed store hay.
* The vehicle is under, the small and large vehicle hall of Lizard are GIANTS and were with me and had to be downloaded in the Ls17 Mod menu only.
And now I wish you as much fun and joy to the new Norge crest Valley, as I have,


FS17 – Norge Crest Valley 17 Map V 2.3 Download

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