FS17 – New Holland TC5 Harvester

Mod contains:
-Engine model to select (TC5.70. TC5.80, TC5.90)
-Model version to select (with rotor fan cover or without rotor fan cover)
-Vehicle shop brand sticker to select (without brand sticker, Raitech sticker, or Rolmax sticker)
-IC Panel (doors, passenger seat, armrest, cabin light, rotor fan cover)
-Cabin clocks, panels, and control lights lighting
-Doors can be open from outside
-Movable joystick
-Turnlights control lights
-Movable pedals
-Foldable chopper
-Passenger script (3 passengers!)
-Combine release smoke after turning on
-Moving header knifes
-2 headers in pack (for cron and crops)
-New realistic colour

Credits:Model: Giants Model edit, adding scripts: Arikson Testing: SToP Team

FS17 – New Holland TC5 Harvester Download

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