FS17 – Meindorf Map

This map has been created according to my individual ideas and inclinations. In particular, the terrain and the road guidance must be everyday life for me. I do not mean unrealistic gradients and with the trains no
90 ° curves at 20m rail length.
It should be clear to everyone that a map of the objects the modders or Giants have created “lives”. No map builder can say of himself all the objects he has installed, he himself has created. So I thank you at this point with all modders whose objects I have installed.
A nomination is made seperat in the credits as far as they are known to me.

To the map:
Why a fourfold map quite simply I like playing with large unit.
This map is based on Kastor’s empty quad map. I tried to make it so that it can also be played as a quad map with Coursplay for single players. With the size of the map are bound to the map construction, meant is not everything that is available in objects must also be installed.
A commercial area for medium-sized businesses was created for plazable objects in the area of ​​the coast.

In order to achieve the full function of the farm, the storage fuel, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and seeds must be filled. The fuel has to be bought with a suitable trailer (Kotte-Pack by Farmer-Andy) at the fuel store. The fertilizer has to be first fertilized. This is done in the soy milk factory where you get milk and pork feed as fertilizer as a byproduct. The soybean plant needs to be ready for operation, however, at the start of the game a trailer with soybeans can be loaded and transported with each trailer. In order to activate the SeedMaster, you need not only the well-known fruits, but also liquid fertilizers, which you can pay for at the sales points GetreideWerner, Agravis and Raiffeisen, The farmyard fermenting station also supplies as a byproduct liquid fertilizer to put them into operation is a small truck with grass on the Map turned off to find it you should look everywhere. Potatoes and sugar beet can be tipped in the farmhouse as a heap. The removal can be performed with a bucket or conveyor belt.

Vehicle fleet:
You start with a feasible vehicle park, does not mean too much but not too little.

At the start of the game you have three fields (2,5,10) ready to harvest, a total of 20 fields are available from 7ha to ca.165ha. The largest field (18), however, has the disadvantage that there a free line crossing the field. In the size of some fields, except for the fields (1, 12, 13, 15, 19), a field mission was used.

The train operation is as follows, there exist Depos (port, Billinger, Seestermühle) at the Seestenmühle can be transferred from train line01 to train line02 to transport the material to the point of sale cooperative. There you can sell your goods at a very lucrative price. The effort is worth it because the prices there are more than just good.

Sales offices:
There are the sales outlets (Agravis, Raiffeisen, sugar factory, grain Werner, Edeka, land trading and airfield here but only rape and sunflowers) to the Vfg.

A gold treasure is also hidden because the search is not quite easy, I have all the nuggets deposited together in an old mining gallery to find it are on the map hint points which will lead you to the mine. However, the tunnel entrance has been spilled by an explosion. The open is however without devices feasible !!!!.

Egg sale:
The eggs can be sold at the land trade brim.

It can be sold straw at the bale circus.

There is a water sampling station directly at the Hofteich

In order to earn some start-up capital at the beginning, you have the possibility to harvester trees with a harvester and lure them directly into the pond via a slide. The harvester must be bought but is in the long run a worthwhile purchase.
The sawmill produces cuttings on pallets, which do not have to be removed because they are loaded directly on site on an LKw.

The milk from the farm and the soya production can be sold at the dairy or Edeka.

Fixed field errors
Slurry tarpaulin adapted
DirtArea in cowshed adapted
Various trigger positions adjusted
Cosmetic corrections

Credits:Modname: Div. Objekte, Grundfunktionen Autoren: GIANTS

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