FS17 – Liquid Storage Pack

This placeable stores water, liquid manure, digestate, fuel, and liquid fertilizer. Edited trailers are included and will be found in the misc category.

Price: 25000 €
Capacity: 1000000 L

Garant Multi Tank:
Price: 25000 €
Capacity: 60000 L

Garant Fuel Tanker:
Price 20000 €
Capactiy: 60000 L

Liquidtrans 8000:
Price 7000 €
Capactiy: 8000 L

Fueltrans 8000:
Price 7000 €
Capactiy: 8000 L

Maintenance: 10 € / day
Add small tanks, edited output trigger to work with pc modded tanks, fixed wheel chocks, and edited textures.

To insure proper loading and unloading, storage should be placed on mostly level ground.


FS17 – Liquid Storage Pack Download

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