FS17 – Lely Tigo XR 100D Trailer

— Lely Tigo XR – Loading and transporting in one —
The Lely Tigo XR 100D is the biggest forage wagon of the XR-Series with a capacity of 52000 liters.
It has dosing rollers, three axles (two of them are steering axles) and a hydraulic drawbar.

– Capacity: 52000 Liters
– Price: 134500$
– Upkeep: 115$/Day
– Dynamic Hoses
(adjusted to the balancing of GIANTS!)

Changelog V2.0.0.0:
– added Dynamic Hoses
– improved Clipdistances
– correction of attacherHeight
– correction of Ambient Occlusion – no unnatural sharp edges
– added options for tires:
— !! You will have to adjust the correct height with the drawbar when using optional tires! Otherwise the backwheels may not turn. Also some mods could cause the wheels to fly over the ground (tested with Deutz 6.81) !!
— (Standard tires are 710/50R26.5 like in Reallife)
— Optional tires 800/40R26.5 are 90mm wider but are a bit smaller
— Optional tires 680/55R26.5 are 30mm narrower but a bit bigger


FS17 – Lely Tigo XR 100D Trailer Download

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