FS17 – Klingenbach – Season Ready 1.0.0

1 large farm with grain storage building (not a Standard Silo on the farm)
1 Lohnunternehmerhof
1 Outer Bearing (Standard Hopper)
3 great sale stations (country trade, grain mill, grain trade)
3 smaller sale stations
1 large BGA with 4 wedge silos
many economic cycles
2 villages
1 sawmill
4 Animal Species (Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens)
Standard Fruits
plus, rye,spelt,millet,Triticale, and oats
3 large and 4 smaller realistically designed forest areas
31 fields and 8 meadows

Economic cycles of SVAPA Agro (empty pallet production,dairy,butcher,…)
2 septic tanks per 1 in the two villages built
BuyOnSiloTrigger at the country trade (buy goods)
Sewage treatment plant for the fertilizer and compost production
Seed production at the LU-Hof
Fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and seed stock on the farm
Scales with statistics function
refillable gas storage at the yard,outdoor storage, and the LU-Hof
Dynamic Planning at all points of sale and the outdoor storage silo
Milk must be sold
Milk sales to the dairy
ausmistbarer cow and pig stables
Beet and potato warehouse in the main courtyard
Pig feed mixer at the farm for the production of pig feed
Chopped straw
Trousers-System Ready (Wopster)
Seasons Ready

Credits:Giants Software GmbH,Map by: skydiver2103 [FBM Team] Weitere Credits siehe Spoiler unten

FS17 – Klingenbach – Season Ready 1.0.0 Download

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