FS17 – Humbaur 1-Axle Trailer V1

Here comes a Humbaur Einachs high loader trailer for cars.

For use in the game, it has the following functions:
Loading all fruits
1600 liter capacity
Hinged rear side wall and side walls
Retractable wooden ramps for driving on
Straps for attaching bales and other objects.
Animated jockey wheel and crank

Credits:Modell: MrWaeschi Fabi
Textur: MrWaeschi Fabi
Script: MrWaeschi Fabi
Idee / Konzept: MrWaeschi Fabi
Tester: MrWaeschi Team

FS17 – Humbaur 1-Axle Trailer V1 Download

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