FS17 – Holmfarming US Map V1.4.1

New farm with lots of space:
– Cow pasture
– Pigs
– Sheep grazing
– Water silo
– Hofsilo
– straw storage
– SilageMaster x1200
– Digital displays at Hofsilo
– Hofbunker with individual digital displays (potatoes / sugar beet / woodchip / silage)

– New vehicle shop, location old cow pasture
– vehicle sale old location!
– Sawmill
– Pallet sale (garden center, old shop place)
– Güllerperperator

– Heavy load rack
– Biomass field and machine room
– Shelters
– Courtyard service station
– Workshop
– Various decorations placed
– Various small things
– Seed & Fertilizer

Credits:SeedMaster 2k17 – Scripts: Marhu (LS15), kevinK98 (LS17), Mod: Farmer_Andy Sägewerk V1.0.0.0 – kevink98 (Script), Marhu (Script LS15), fasi (Palette) Giants (Gebäude LS15) Chopped Straw – webalizer AdditionalMapTypes Version – BlackSheep Saatgut & Dünger Lager 2.0 – Nils23 Sojamilch Produktion 1.0.2 – slowtide63 MilchTrigger v1.2.0 – kevink98 (Script), Marhu (Teile aus dem Liquidtrigger LS15), Giants (Triggermarker) RealTime v2.1.0 – Marhu Windrad (old style) – Credits: Idee: uralt Objekte: GIANTS (http://www.ls-mods.de/fs13TitaniumAddonAssets.php) Konvert und Anpassungen: Land-Ei Animiertes Schwerlastregal – San_Andreas Kuh-Silo wurde als Hofsilo verbaut! – (Mod)farmerads, (Umbau)Hasco SilageMaster x1200 – (Script): kevink98, (LS15): Mahru (Modell): Giants (Aufbau): Hasco Animiertes Zaumtor – (Mod)auwgl, (Anpassungen)Hasco Wolf System Biomasselager und Maschinenhalle – Vertex Dezign, Katsuo – Agrarteam Franken Hallenpaket – Vertex Dezign, Agrarteam Franken Beleuchtung – Niggels – VertexDezign Kleine Speichergebäude – tjdinmaine Bâtiment rangement – nico1410, (Texture) Hasco Scripts: kevink98/Marhu/BlackSheep

FS17 – Holmfarming US Map V1.4.1 Download

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