FS17 – Flatbed Trailer UAL

Flatbed Trailer UAL,Using UAL script from Hotonline team this Fliegl Trailer can autoload bales, pallets and saplings
Price: 17000,- €
Length: 11.8 m
Maintenance: 10,- € / day
Raar Hitch Trailer/Trailer Low

UAL instructions to use tension belts unload to the centre will unload to the trailer allowing tesion belts to be used.

Changelog 5.0 :
Added ARM Small Bales
Added ARM Big Bales
Added 1.4 Round Bales
Added Big Pallets for LS_Modcompany.
Changelog 6.0 :
updated to UAL 3.0 which allows you to chose where to unload your bales or pallets


FS17 – Flatbed Trailer UAL Download

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