FS17 – Claas Lexion 580/600 Tt Pack V2.0

Class Lexion 580/600 TT with many devices what you need to work

– Number plate script updated
– adapted tailoring animation
– no longer lifts the cutting unit so high
– Bug repaired
– Improved steering wheel
– File compressed

Included in the pack:
– Lexion 600 (TT)
– Lexion 580 (TT)
– Vario 660 (6.6 meters)
– Vario 750 (7.5 meters)
– Vario 900 (9 meters)
– Vario 1050 (10.5 meters)
– Vario 1200 (12 meters)
– Cornspeed 6-75 (4.5 meters)
– Cornspeed 8-75 (6 meters)
– All standard fruits can be threshed
– With Ctrl left + Z you can allow the machine
– With Alt left you can switch through the cameras 1 to 3 and turn off at the power head, the cameras 4 and 5 are only in grain cutting plants
– It is the passenger script installed
– (Cabin view) You can activate or deactivate the straw storage from outside on the left side
– For maize-bites, you first have to lower the cutting unit and from the outside, transport protection with R enfährnen.
– Cutting unit must be coupled with Q for cutting trolley and it is possible to uncouple cutting unit and trimming unit simultaneously with keys Ctrl.


FS17 – Claas Lexion 580/600 Tt Pack V2.0 Download

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