FS17 – Carraro Tigrecar 3800 HST V1

I hereby would like to introduce you to the Carraro Tigrecar 3800 HST for agricultural Simulator 2017. I have invested a lot of time in the Mod and I hope it was not a waste of time. I tried to make the Mod as good as it will allow my skills as a Modder. I hope the Mod I have succeeded.

Important Information
good performance on a slope
versatile for both on Land, even on a slope
low center of gravity of the drop prevents the Hand
good Grip even in very steep terrain
with many of the Features

Information to the individual machines:
Carraro Tigrecar 3800 HST
Power: adjustable between 72 and 112hp, price: 52800€, maintenance costs: 14€
attachable twin tyres
Animated Joystick, animated pedals-animated fans
Interactive Control (Lights, Wipers)
Different Lights (Working Light, RULs)
Animated Display (speedometer, RPM, fuel, diesel fuel consumption, turn signals, and Reverse)
Cultivation and choice of number plate (only Austrian, Irish characters)
attachable snow chains

I would like to thank all the members of the South Tyrol Modding and all my Fans stand behind me. You guys are the Best. A big thank you also goes to all of you who is always by my side, thank you


FS17 – Carraro Tigrecar 3800 HST V1 Download

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