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CNC – Status Modding Update 26.10.18

As announced in the last update here are some information about improvements arround modding in Cattle and Crops. Console: We have reworked the ingame console! The console will no longer have a fixed size...


CNC – Status Update Grassland 10.19.18

A (not so) small preview of the Strautmann Giga-Vitesse CFS 4401 forage wagon from the next update. We’ve spent the last few months developing features and improvements for the upcoming grassland update. As some...


CNC – Hkl And Containers V0.2.6

Krampe THL 21 red, green, gray Kroger agroliner THL30 red Stronga HL210 gray Containers Cramp Red, green, gray Stronga yellow, orange Model: xyzspain Texture: xyzspain Script: MBB , xyzspain Idea / Concept: xyzspain Testing:...